Rialto Podcast

RIALTO Podcast is a labyrinthine “mind-movie” with original songs and music. Featuring the speaking and singing voices of a cast of musicians/artists, including Tamara Lindeman (The Weather Station), Meg Remy (U.S. Girls), Claudia Dey, Daniel Knox, Veda Hille and Martin Tielli, among others.

RIALTO follows Klaus (loner, insomniac) as his mundane stint as a driver for a small town writer’s festival is transformed by a series of unsettling, paranormal events. A surreal quest across the American moor conjures multiple realities, exposing a series of personal and cross-generational revelations. It's a deep-cleanse pilgrimage. A metaphysical noir and hyperstition – equal parts dream, film and waking life.

Part of the multi-medium RIALTO project (album, book, podcast, show) by acclaimed music artist John Southworth - episodes released biweekly starting Monday July 19, 2021 (total 8).